The Atlanta Historical Computing Society is a user group for vintage computing / computer history / computer collecting enthusiasts.   We share info when not meeting via the AHCS Yahoo Group

In-person meetings are held once a month.  We’ve now moved to the Computer Museum of America. (we use to meet at Christ the Lord Lutheran Church, in Lawrenceville,  same group, just new local )      We currently meet every 2nd Saturday from 1 to 5.

The get-togethers are first about fun and social interaction, plus showing and playing with vintage systems,  open discussions, and more.  We try to have presentations by members as often as possible.

We intend that the group evolve into a stand-alone, self-governing, non-profit, and educational organization. A current copy of the AHCS bylaws can be found here.

Interested? Please join our yahoo group.

You can also find us on Twitter (@AtlHCSdotORG), Facebook, and Instagram (atlhcs).

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I have a Compaq Plus that I would like to sell and I am hoping that your group can help me appraise it and even find a buyer for it. It still turns on( the fan is running) but nothing comes up on the screen (maybe the os is gone or the hdd has failed) and I have some 5.5 floppies for it (it has a 5.5 fdd). I have pictures if you would like to see them. Thanks Tiia (tiiabird1@yahoo.com )

  2. Hello AHCS,

    I wanted to send you all a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed myself at “The Vintage Computer Festival”. It was really fun I especially, enjoyed the soldering workshop, and look forward to further instructions on how to embellish the display!

    Also thanks to Sam, Ed Fair (I think was the gentleman’s name) and Bens family for helping me in my efforts to recover some ancient animation files on my iomega zip. I want to pursue this so, if you have any ideas I think we can make a deal, but just so you know I am but a poor artist. That said your group kindness and wisdom has made me richer!

    Thanks again,
    V. Cayse Cheatham aboutcayse@yahoo.com

    PS. If you want to see some of my work go to

  3. LOVE to Attend sounds great to possibly meet fellow APPLE computer GEEK guys,gals email stevenb39@yahoo.com I can bring Apple Imac [white] all in 1 desktop era…1999…2001 and an older Apple G5 and a Apple Mini Mac, and Apple G3 tower..for sales…low cost,,, needs updates software, and Mother board on I Mac -white desktop all in one on silver metal stand.

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